Neo York 2021

In the side alley on the main street of Neo York. A normal looking hotdog stand selling to the residents of Neo York. No one would ever suspect that this normal looking hotdog stand would be the front, for a secret organization which holds dark powers behind the legendary NFTverse

Those who seek shall find the door.

The masked order is hidden in plain sight. Most Normals pass by every day. Normals that go about their life with no goals will pass away like the steam on the streets, But steam with purpose can accomplish extraordinary feats. The masks that seek will get rewarded. The Masked order consists of 7 artifacts of power, one for each pillar mask. Find the first artifact clues will be hidden in plain sight

Mask Vision

Storm is coming The wind is strong.. fighting the wind is not wise. The mask storm over Neo York is on the rise

  • Mask Order Genesis Roadmap

  • Create twitter account🗸
    Finalize artwork🗸
    Fill whitelist roles
    Launch website🗸
    Mask order (OG) pillar artifact drop.
  • Phase 1

  • AirDrop Next world mask order artifact - the artifact will grant holders special authority on the mask order guild.
  • Phase 2

  • Owning a Please Don't Tell NFT will grant holders the right to the mask order guild and its power. Formation of the mask order guild and launchpad. The launchpad will provide the mask member with exclusive opportunities on NFT project intelligence and early access to launchpad projects.
  • Phase 3

  • Staking your mask will earn $Mask token distribution. Mask order members will receive weekly $Mask token drop from the guild. Holding a mask order artifact will increase your token count from the guild. Mask members can use $Mask token to redeem more mask artifacts, trade for favors, NFTs own, or auction by the guild.
  • Phase 4

  • The guild will vote on a donation to support the advancement of the NFT community and use 30% of the secondary market royalty to fund projects.

Choose your mask wisely

Throughout time mask has played an essential role in history, from the birthplace of man to the current Neo century. Taking hold of a mask can change a person from normal to heroic. The rare masks will come with their personality and power. Choose your mask wisely, or the mask will take over you.

Mask Makers

Creator of of the future and beyond

  • Mask-Zero

  • Lisa
    Community manager

  • Pete

  • Artik

  • Doctor

No sleep for the wicked

At night is when door opens to the NFTverse